Project results

Examples of material produced during the project.

Course participants

Hear the participants present themselves and their projects (audio in Finnish):


I’m Anna, a writer, musician and journalist. I’ve dealt with my
experiences with issues like racism and stigma. I want to be more
active in addressing the issue of stigma in relation to mental health, to
encourage women to be more courageous in their lives. Go Women!

The course is a truly interesting opportunity to make one’s voice heard.
It provides tools through storytelling to address various experiences. I
believe that my story will resonate with listeners who can relate to it.
Through a fairy tale, I will tell the story of a wise owl living in the
enchanted forest and a fluffy bunny residing in the otherworldly forest.
Their lives, experiences, and how they cope with them will be shared.


I am Caelyn. I am taking this course to improve my technical skills so
that I can better edit stories for my radio program.


My name is Mervi. What interests me in this course is the opportunity
to share my female story, to talk about love, faith, mental collapse, and
the stories of survival from all of them. They are part of most women’s
lives, and I believe many women may identify with them. I’ve drawn
from my own life when writing the story. This course gives me the
possibility to share the story of my survival with the world.

I am an experiential expert in the field of mental health, and I’ve
listened to the voices of hundreds of women. I now have the chance to
tell the story of a mental health rehabilitator woman through lively and
interesting radio broadcasts. You will experience my life. Welcome to
this women’s adventure!


I am Raquel Arellano, the former radio personality of Valento Café, a
Spanish radio program. I believe that we need more women’s voices to
be heard. That’s why this course interests me. It can bring more
women’s stories to the world.


Hi! My name is Sari. This course has been an expedition to explore
myself, stories, hopes, dreams, fairy tales and reality which feels good!
Not just to me, but also to Jäbä, I mean my father, an adventurous
dude who lives boldly in my stories.

My artistic journey began at a very young age when my father heard
the squeaking of a marker pen. He went to see what was happening
there. It was me, the two-year-old Sari, painting the whole living room
wall with a thick marker. The story continued with a shift in my artistic
medium. I started writing kind of barbs in a notebook and began to
explain to others what they meant. It’s a pity that the voice couldn’t be

Since then, a lot has happened in my life. It was about ten years ago
that I discovered my talent in acrylic painting. I’ve always liked writing.
This course has been an amazing opportunity for me to get to know
myself and see myself in a new way.

I hope this will last long.


I’m Alicia. I came to Finland 50 years ago as an asylum seeker for
political reasons. I’ve produced the radio program “Matkalla musiikin
maailmaan” for Helsinki community radio. I joined this course when I
retired. I’ve learned a lot from music as well as from people. It’s
interesting to be in the field of media.