Before you start writing your script, you must already know the beginning of the story, plot point 1, plot point 2 and the end.

This part usually constitutes a quarter of the duration of the story’s duration.


Introduce what the story is about and its main characters: who they are,
what their normal life loks like and where does the story takes place.

Also tell what is important to the main character, do they have hopes or dreams? Do they have internal or external challenges that prevent them from achieving what they really want in life?

Inciting incident

The inciting incident starts the actual story. Something disrupts the main characters’ normal life and forces them out of their comfort zone.

The inciting incident can be anything that moves the main characters outside familiar circles, like an external event, problem, chance, friend’s advice, own decision, question of conscience…

When writing an inciting incident, ask yourself what would be at the beginning of the story, the worst that could happen to the main character. And what would be the best for the main character, worth pursuing?

The inciting incident is often described as an invitation to adventure, on a journey that can help the main character grow internally and achieve what they wants.

At this stage, the main character may still hesitate and fear change. That’s why we may need an additional challenge that really convinces them of the necessity of the journey.

Plot point 1

The main character makes a life-changing decision to leave for a journey. The story moves to the second act.